To celebrate our birthday we have series of videos. Let’s start from “I’ve sowed a millet patch” (“Siałem proso na zagonie”) song played by DAGADANA together with Poznan Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra. With orchestra arrangement written by our Mikołaj. Click the link and set the reminder .

But that’s not all folks We have checked where our top fans live and made a special Clock for You. Check out when is Your premiere:) and where are our top fans in the world ? It is amazing!
We will be with You on live chat 15 min before, during and after the premiere. More info about the song and how it was created? Meet us Today!!

Algeria 09:00 AM
Angola 09:00 AM
Argentina 05:00 AM
Australia 07:00 PM
Austria 10:00 AM
Belgium 10:00 AM
Brazil 05:00 AM
Bulgaria 11:00 AM
Canada 04:00 AM
China 04:00 PM
Czech R. 10:00 AM
Denmark10:00 AM
France 10:00 AM
Georgia 12:00 AM
Germany10:00 AM
Hungary 10:00 AM
India 01:30 PM
Indonesia04:00 PM
Ireland 09:00 AM
Israel 11:00 AM
Italy 10:00 AM
Japan 05:00 PM
Malaysia 04:00 PM
Mexico 03:00 AM
Moldova 11:00 AM
Morocco 09:00 AM
Netherl. 10:00 AM
Norway 10:00 AM
Philippines04:00 PM
Poland 10:00 AM
Portugal 09:00 AM
Romania 11:00 AM
Russia 11:00 AM
Serbia 10:00 AM
Singapore04:00 PM
Slovakia 10:00 AM
S. Africa 10:00 AM
S. Korea 05:00 PM
Spain 10:00 AM
Sweden 10:00 AM
Switzerland10:00 AM
Turkey 11:00. AM
Ukraine 11:00 AM
UAE 12:00 PM
UK 09:00 AM
USA (NY)04:00 AM